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Our Story

I was reintroduced to coffee during a deployment to Iraq, where I relied on it to stay awake during long shifts. The desperation for caffeine sometimes even led to me snacking on coffee beans like peanuts. This reliance on coffee carried over to my time in college and into my professional life, all in a valiant effort to stay awake at my desk.

Since, I have been introduced to GOOD coffee, made with quality beans and custom roasted in my home. The difference is staggering in this specialty coffee and the “Government Issue” or office coffee. With my eyes opened, I set out on a mission of sorts. People don’t have to just accept whatever coffee they find on a shelf; they can have a custom, quality cup with very little work and for a lot less money than a coffee shop.

The process of roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee helps me slow down, relax and enjoy the little things in life. Much to my wife’s initial irritation, I’ve crafted a little coffee station in our dining room where I go every Sunday night to roast beans for the week. While the beans cook and crackle, I brew a cup, sit out on my front porch and enjoy the evening. My morning ritual is similar, with a manual kettle brew, a full tumbler and a moment to take in the aroma.